The Hachiya persimmon, a fruit highly regarded and enjoyed in both Korea and Japan, yet can hardly escape the history of these two countries. This performance explores the dichotomy between mutual enjoyment/freewill and complete destruction/possession inspired by/recalling the horrific histories of the comfort women of Korea. There are different and similar ways the Japanese and Koreans hang the persimmons to dry. Hoshigaki is a Japanese process where they are hung and massaged daily. This is a question I wonder a country who shares the love of a fruit with another country could commit such crimes?

Sculpture is 17" H x 8" W

braid is 28" long. 

Contains 3 Japanese Hoshigaki dried persimmons, stems of 3 Korean (Gotgam) dried persimmons, all 6 gold leafed, plastic beads, thread, wire, fabric, and rope. 

Video detail of sculpture.

Still of sculpture in hair. 

A performance during the FULL PINK MOON: Opera Povera in Quarantine, an international durational livestream performance of visionary composer Pauline Oliveros’s open-form The Lunar Opera; Deep Listening For_Tunes.

April 7, 2020

where I performed with my sculpture braided into my hair. 

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