In former times, a 'warrior' was defined to be a brave or experienced soldier or fighter. They fought external wars against a foe and on battlegrounds with skills of weaponry.

In present day, there is a new warrior. We all face battles -- some external, some internal, or both at different times of our lives. What constitutes a warrior in our eyes is someone who gets back up, who keeps going, despite the self doubt and self criticism. Vulnerability, perseverance, authenticity ... is now a superpower.

We call upon all Warriors. The Seedlings who have begun the process of healing a gaping wound. The Peaceful Warriors who have long turned inward to achieve intuition and clarity. The Methodicals that strive for kaizen, a Japanese term for incremental improvement over time. The Nurturers with endless compassionate action. Definitely beware of those unfuckable with -- the Raging Queen who learned to set boundaries and speak Truth to power, or the Wild Ones who have survived against all odds and dare to go to extremes.

This ritual is for us Warriors who use alchemy to transform our hurt into gold. Because this gold is what inspires and creates change. 

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