Radical Dawn, a group exhibition curated by Alicia Piller. 

Emerging into a new era after years of the pandemic, racial injustice, and global conflict, the works in Radical Dawn question the human relationship to the surrounding world and open spaces for formal contemplation in the new era. Drawing from complex and interwoven pasts, presents, and futures, Radical Dawn drives viewers into the precipice of newness, introducing various interpretations of alternative experiences. Engaging with painting, sculpture, and installation, each work becomes a relic of a turning point in time, pushing the boundaries of what exists in the imagination. Freely mixed are abstract and representational depictions of the natural and urban worlds, drifting swiftly into the unknown. Exploring futuristic narratives and counter-narratives that cast the role of the art object in a new light, Radical Dawn introduces feminist, symbolic, and even mystical possibilities in contexts that are often limited to a more formalist reading.

Vessels of memory.

Emotional bodies.

Moments of loss transcend.

(Haunted scream bowls)

2022, 47” x 60” x 48”, clay, wood, plexiglass

Observing the mutation of shame in myself and emotion that arises from another’s words. What stories do we have to tell? What do we tell ourselves? What are the pieces we remember? What can we let go of? I am thinking of how the body holds memory and how to create a container for these sentiments and recollections, keeping them safe while being processed—transforming stories of discomfort into a symbolic and valuable medium in the belief that other, unknown worlds are possible.

The body Knows

A vessel of knowledge

What it holds

Is vast

Beyond comprehension

A chance to be seen

And not disappear

When feelings appear

Or risk the pain

Of shoes that don't fit

With every new

Memory made

The story changes

To something

You only dreamed of

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