Going and going

So carefree but not today

This change feels so real

Innocence is lost

After tragedy occurs

We are not the same

Devastation comes

Even when least expected

But when does it go?

Managing what is

Today is another day

Do I have to give?

Some waves can be calm

But These Waves cause destruction

Emotion bodies

What are emotions?

You never let yourself feel.

A mask to hide fear

The mask grew thicker

The mask became funnier

Bursting at the seams

Don’t mask your knowing

Give permission to fumble

Honor your design

In times of trouble

You became the foundation

Beams too small to hold

But what happens when

Everything begins to crumble

And the fall is hard

When the world went dark

I could only think of you

while writing haikus.

They day the world changed

And things would never be the same

Little did you know

Those wounds are power

Vulnerability is

The only way out

No, you are not lost

Look for the new ways to pave

You have found your way.

The body Knows

A vessel of knowledge

What it holds

Is vast

Beyond comprehension

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