Permanence is only a word. 
With no place like home.
 With no space in magic
. There are places we can go. An abundance to call. But nowhere to call home.

This was partly written several years ago. As an adoptee, I thought about the meaning of the word permanent often. As someone who lost a parent at a young age, I continued to think about how this word continued to feel transparent. @lukafisher and @chohng collaborated on turning this poem into a video in 2020, which @nicrrad curated into Acogador (Home) online show and @thepolishedmirror @torranceartmuseum. Shared feelings of displacement turned into conversations I was grateful to have. In 2021 @cyoophotography helped me translate it for x @otravox print and @cashmachinela has this billboard up in Atwater village @cyoophotography and @chohng have translated this into Korean.

All made possible by Cash Machine. 

Night shots in Atwater Village by Dan Monick

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