Sacred: considered worthy of spiritual respect or devotion. Wounds: to cause hurt feelings or deep resentment in.

Sacred Wounds explores traditions, history and truths and how they can be transformed into visionary offerings. We create a space for performers to subvert stereotypes, transmute expectations and enchant the audience with ritual, performance art, burlesque, fetish and alchemy.

Performers: Dia Dynasty (New York), Calamity Chang (New York), Joyen (Philippines), Coco Ono (Los Angeles), Caroline Yoo (Pennsylvania), Bessie Snow (San Francisco), Ibuki Kuramochi (Los Angeles), Hosted by Wang Newton/Ma'amsir (New York/Los Angeles)

Curated by Kayla Tange and Wang Newton

Sacred Wounds Season 1 - Premiere September 2020 Online Erotic Ritual

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