Participating Artists: Edgar Fabián Frías, Stephanie Graham, Ines Kang, Scarlett Kim, Maya Mackrandilal, zavé martohardjono, Enid Muñoz, Kayla Tange

Sadie WoodsCuratorial Statement:
We find ourselves in rupture, in the space between breaths, hanging in mid-air, waiting to plummet back to earth. We want to touch one another, to perform trivial intimacies, to feel the laugh of a friend vibrate in our bodies, to embrace, to smile at a stranger. Our leaders place something as unquantifiable as a human life on a ledger and weigh the economic outcomes of mass death. The impossible is happening all around us, this is the apex of a global apocalypse, an unveiling, that lies at the heart of Western Civilization. The Goddesses offer a place for healing in the rupture, a space for ritual, for poetry, for community, and for visions of a new future. The place they offer, the sanctuary, is beyond space and time--we enter as ghosts, as avatars, as clouds made up of points of light. But in this place we also hold tight to our bodies, for now. We’ll adorn our hair with flowers, our skin with healing oils, we’ll drink water charged under the light of a full moon. We’ll do those things together, until the world ends.

New Global Matriarchy


avatar skin created by Maya Mackrandilal

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