In celebration of the fifty-year anniversary of Womanhouse Anat Ebgi in partnership with LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division) has organized an afternoon of performance reimagining the students of Fresno State’s Feminist Art Program ‘Cunt Cheerleaders’ performance, a critical foundation to the inception of ‘Womanhouse’.⁠ The Fresno State students #KayLang#VanalyneGreen @veeseegee , #DoriAtlantis @doriatlantis , and

#SueBoud⁠ were part of the Feminist Art Program led by #JudyChicago in 1971. Together they were introduced to feminist principles and organized the cheeky and pointed ‘Cunt Cheerleaders’ performance. Dressed in traditional cheerleader outfits with pom-poms, pleated skirts, and crop tops spelling out the word ‘Cunt,’ the cheerleaders relied on comedy and humor to exaggerate and critique gender norms. This seminal performance aimed to reclaim and fashion the derogatory term to celebrate women’s sexuality adding to the momentum of the 1970’s women’s liberation movement. 

Reimaging and extending the ‘Cunt Cheerleaders’ mission of celebrating women’s sexuality and rights in a light-hearted and humorous way the artists #KaylaTange, #MeganRippey, #HollyHarrell, #SebastianHernandez, #MarkaMaberryGaulke will tailor this performance to speak to our current cultural moment. Their performance will expand and complicate ideas of gender, sexuality, and power with humor to welcome a more inclusive and generous understanding of what it’s like to experience the world as a woman.

This intergenerational endeavor between the original cunt cheerleaders: Lang, Green, Atlantis, and Boud in coversation with Tange, Rippey, Harrell, Hernandez and Maberry-Gaulke aim to introduce this feminist art history to newer generations to learn from the monumental significance of the early origins of the west coast California feminist movement, a nod to the importance of the Fresno State program which is largely overlooked. ⁠

Expanding the conversation into various topics on labor.  

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