This piece, dedicated to the summer solstice and new beginnings, a safe space for creating intentions for the day year or life or for others with the idea of being the one who clears for the next person. It began as a sort of non invasive durational performance in which I would facilitate the space for the next person. What ended up happening was groups formed and clusters of people came in and collectively wrote intentions, some just sat and meditated.

The soundscape was created by Brent Kiser and composed cello piece by Ro Rowan with the inspiration of a dissonant past and a hopeful future.

The sandbox was built from past performance relics. The plexiglass used was from my very first show Confession Box, the lights from the last Defining Boundaries. This had significance for me as it represents the last 4 years of my life, art and hundreds of collected stories.

The sandbox was inspired by  the Japanese Zen garden, childhood playground and the ritual of clearing each intention by the Tibetan sand mandala.

Each of the four corners was sprinkled with lavender, an herb used during the solstice believed to banish worries.

The sand when written in or moved made the light shine through, giving power to the words in the dark room. 

Box construction - Kevin Kane

Sound design - Brent Kiser

Cello composition - Ro Rowan

Rock painting - Ceilidh Benoit

Photo documentation - Tomo Muscionico

Originally performed/installed at Naval during their Summer Solstice benefit event on June 21, 2019.

video documentation: Kayla Tange, Ro Rowan

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