"When people talk about traveling to the past,
they worry about radically changing the present
by doing something small.
But rarely does anyone in the present
think they can radically change the future
by doing something small." – Unknown

In our last installment, we gathered together to conjure the future. We took a moment to bring closure the parts of the past… gave permission for a new type of Being to exist, and sparked new visions to emerge. The caveat? We never said it would be easy. We must gather again. And we will continue to gather with intention. Because it really takes something to bring dreams to fruition -- that is ... CREATION.

Step into a Brave New Space. We will no longer be silent; we no longer carry shame; and we embrace the healing of ancestral trauma. We love who we have become, and we are here to happily provide a dose of sexual energy and creative rage to help germinate new seeds:

What do we (you)want?

Where do we start?

Who is aligned?

And so it begins… The Initiation. 

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