Hwa Records OUR VISION:

The 화 Hwa Records project are FREE creative workshops for the Korean diaspora community living in the United States to see, feel, process, and release their own 화 HWA (fire).

Where are our safe places of gathering, of community, of healing?

Hwa Records is a series of alternative catharsis-performance workshops for the Korean diaspora. An intimate space for facilitating friendship and listening, the Hwa Records sessions are exercises that are inspired by Korean folk tradition with a hybrid twist to help find our own Korean-Western voices of Hwa (rage).

화 Hwa has many different faces in the diaspora. There are those that need to be screamed out and broken completely, others need to give space to their shadow self through connecting with the Earth, and some may need to just move, no words involved.

As Asian hate rises in the United States and our communities struggle with the violence towards our bodies and lack of understanding for our emotional needs, Hwa Records strives to create a safe place where members of the Korean-United States diaspora can find methods to release their HWA, unabashedly and creatively through methods such as drawing, collective screaming, meditation sessions, history research, and more.

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