"In response to an invitation by Otra Vox, we have selected six artists, in various stages of their artistic practice, who reflect the diverse and talented group of cultural workers within our GYOPO volunteer community. Each of the works express recurring themes GYOPO discussed and experienced as a collective during the last two years: solitude, beauty in nature, the power of words, and ultimately communion with one another..." 

GYOPO curation x Otra Vox

Permanence is a passage taken from Tange's poem, "Permanence is Only a Word," which examines the idea of permanence, home, and the perpetual limbo the lack of belonging creates. Originally translated by Chuck Hohng and has since been performed as well as evolved into a video project with Luka Fisher. Print interpretation by Caroline Yoo and Kay Seohyung Lee. Within these conversations around translation, many shared feelings around displacement emerged, and with that, there was a kind of comfort.

Permanence dry point print

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