Thoughts Become Things

Where Awareness Goes, Energy Flows

The Cosmic Wisdom has long been trying to teach us intrinsic Truths. We gather auspiciously for the first time in 2021, on the new moon known as the Lunar New Year in Eastern culture. We gather collectively to focus on intentions for conjuring a future we enthusiastically step into.

What do you want?

What do you want.

What do you WANT.

This gathering is not for the faint of heart. Perhaps 2020 has trained you well, and you are ready. Select your donation, and join us on Zoom for an erotic ritual – Leveled Up style.

Sacred Wounds' producers and hosts:

Dr. Wang Newton and Coco Ono aka Kayla Tange (LA)


  • Midori (SF)
  • Yozmit (LA)
  • Honey Davenport (LA)
  • Cheddar Gorgeous (UK)
  • Jas Lin (LA)
  • Alia Mohamed (LA)
  • Ibuki Kuramochi (LA)
  • Hecate Meio (Japan)
  • Kwonyin (LA)

Opening intro by DanK.

Music videos Playing for Keeps by Crook, and Satan's Tears by KylerO'Neal.

What Kind of Future Do You Imagine?

What Kind of Future Do You Want?

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