Informed by her experience and her fascination with admission, Kayla created performances to engage the public in meaningful (often unspoken) dialogue around themes that are common to us all--sex, shame, longing, and connection. For the past two years she collected confessions through Confession Box (2015-2016) and A Bare Witness (2016), performances where public space became an interactive confessional--she exposed her own sexuality/vulnerability, allowing others to expose theirs.

Kayla has used these stories to create her latest multimedia performance installation, Confession Room. You will experience the most intimate of disclosures, because everyone has a story they don’t want to tell.

Shibari artist: Argent Lloyd
Violinist: Fabrice Martinez
Live artists: Erik Houg and Francisco Enciso

Special thanks to Brent Kiser, Unbridled Sound, James Lord, Andrew Van Baal, Peter Kalisch, Kyle Moore, Quynh Nguyen, Gina Canavan, John Heinsen and Luz.

Originally performed at Coagula in Los Angeles from November 5-20, 2016
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