Kayla Tange

Confession Box


Plexiglass, steel, paper, ink, dry erase marker

Drawn by the power of freeing one’s conscience – I wanted to provide a public space intended to be an interactive confessional. Designed in two phases, while blind folded, I receive the anonymous secrets and lies and inner thoughts of the participants. This, after a period of meditation turns to a public dialog when I begin to interact with the messages and release the written words by exposing them on the wall of the box, reflecting my own conscience, for all now to see. In doing this, it not only brings people together, but also allows the participants to become closer to their own truth.

Performed at 1019 West Art Studios in Inglewood, CA on June 4, 2016.  

Photography - LUZ

Box contruction - Nico Milican and Cody Barajas

Box frame - Jeff Davis

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