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A Performance of Sadness : An Addiction to Longing Zine

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몸살: 그리움 A performance of sadness, an addiction to longing is a zine that maps Tange and Yoo's relationship to shame. (75 pages)

Edition of 50 with hand-stitched numbering and both of our fingerprints in red on mulberry paper. 

It is a search for words.

It is a translation of absence.

It is a tragic love story.

It is a comedy.

It is our body as shelter for secrets.

It is our shared experiences.

It is questioning authority.

It is reimagining authorship.

It is the collaborative effort to move through grief.

It is both of our images.

It is both of our words.

It is from different times.

It is also now.

It is an attempt to translate the han that haunts our lives.

It is a picture of a motherland that was never a mother.

The Korean title 몸살: 그리움 is not a direct translation of the English title instead, it translates closer to Flesh cold: longing.

The text was written separately by Tange and Yoo over the years but came together through this collaborative poetry conversation. The photographs were captured in South Korea by the artists.

Tange's photos were taken on her first trip back to Korea since her adoption in 1982. In 2011 she traveled there to meet her birth mother, leaving with no meeting or resolution. Yoo's images were filmed during her trips back to the motherland after her grandmother's passing in 2016 and 2018. Haunted by the lives of the women who always wanted more, Yoo engages with South Korea and the diaspora to purge antiquated ideological norms.

Cover design and printing production Dan Monick.

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