On June 6th 2016 Powerhouse Stern and BETEP International unveiled their new zine, The Golden Fool, at their first annual Golden Fool Underground Amateur Hour. The zine was curated by poet Tristene Roman and artist Luka Fisher.

The zine features contributions from:
Tristene Roman
Pat Dead
Christopher Zeischegg
Lev Abramov
Ane Uno
Sheree Rose
Bob Flanagan
Manuel V.
Christina Elaine Vasquez
Sean East
Rev. Steven Johnson Leyba
Emily Babbette
Hart D. Fisher
Neil Malick
Daniel Crook
Dave Durcan
Royce Burke
Rich Ferguson
Dove A.
Peter Kalisch
Ron Athey
Kayla Tange
Gitane Demone

The Golden Fool Zine Commercial:

Directed by Sean East + Luka Fisher
Produced by Tristene Roman, Pat Dead, Peter Kalisch, and Power House Stern
Music by Hour of the Time Majesty 12

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